Cirque Ceiling Fan

November 5, 2006

Strange ceiling fan… I wander if its the same amount of air movement created as compared to ordinary ones… You even get to choose the fan blades that you fancy most (There are colorful ones too). Attractive none the less.

Extract from G Squared



 Fuel cell is getting a foothold in the world of wheels and notebooks… Now Suzuki Motors has created a prototype Fuel-Cell powered wheel chair called Mio thus making me believe that a revolution is coming real soon… just add water.

The MIO features a fuel cell that uses methanol as a fuel source to generate hydrogen and therefore electricity. Its tank holds 4 litres of methanol, enough to provide MIO with a range of approximately 40km / 25 miles. A large capacity Li-ion secondary battery acts as a store for the electricity generated and a back up source of power.

When will we see fuel cell cars in the streets bringing us around with our fuel cell notebooks and fuel cells er… cellphones to work? Really really soon I hope…

Extract from Tech On

Stick on Rechargable Lights

November 5, 2006

It has suction, it is rechargable, it is soft, it look like little classic tablelamps, it is friendly looking… put many of them together and looked like a disease or warts… I don’t know why they stuck so many on the beetle (maybe beetle likes mushrooms) but it sure attracts attention or scare the sanes away…

Extract from Cool Hunter


November 5, 2006

Designed by a local guy and showcased at Global Entrepolis @ Singapore 2006, it is a highly versatile modular power socket with “limitless” potential… My question is how many can you stack before the electronics stucked on it loses power or worse case, explodes…

Extract from CopperRED

Wow… so many created and let loose in public and they all look the same, big and blocky… which to choose… I seem to have a problem with Creative’s product colour schemes (I didn’t mean it though), but it really doesn’t fix my surroundings… but then Logitech is doing it too. Is it just me or is it these group of targeted market lives in a monotone world?  

Anyway, I feel its a must have for home theaters and gamings without the clutter of wires to deal with (Not completely wireless, just the rear speakers). Maybe they could try make it look like flower pots…

Extract from Logitech, Creative