Water-powered Alarm Clock

November 4, 2006


They don’t say how they did it, but maybe its like the hydrogen fuel cell car. Fill up the H2O battery in this multifunction clock, and you have four modes of water powered excitement. You get a clock, an alarm, a countdown timer, and a thermometer. Just a simple 90° rotation is all it takes to go from mode to mode. Each refill last for about 2-3 months. All electronics should be like this!

Extract from Thinkgeek



November 4, 2006

These lamps either put a little smile on your face or give you a fright everynight staring at you with those empty eyes… Click on the link to see more plastic sheet folded animal lamps…

Extract from Royal Shopping

Zune Art

November 4, 2006


Remember the firebird in Coming Zune!? It got such a great response that people started making their own versions and turning coming Zune into Zune Art, a new site launched by Microsoft just for these artists… Click on the link to see all the animations and art works.

Extract from Zune Art

Zune remote

November 4, 2006


Zune.net goes live… has nice remote control and dock… It is an AV pack to integrate with your TV and home stereo system. The Zune Wireless Remote gives you quick access to your current playlist and full control over menu navigation and volume. It even has an integrated magnet so you can attach it to a refrigerator, or you can store it in the integrated stand on the Zune Dock.

Extract from Zune

Elica is a table lamp that turns on and off by blowing. Made of a combination of Stainless steel, plastic (ABS) and hand-blown glass, it has a 15,000hrs lifespan and cost 150 Euro. Switch it off? Blow again.

Extract from Elica Lamp