RunAway = (Nike+iPod)-Nike

November 3, 2006

You know Nike’s collaboration with Apple for a running shoe that syncronised with the iPod. It not cheap to buy a new pair of Nike just because you want to syncronise it with your iPod. SwitchEasy has a solution that cost only USD7.99. The RunAway is a weatherproof sensor holder attaches to your running shoe’s laces and has an easy-to-access button to turn the sensor’s wireless signal off. The gadget comes with a receiver to connect to your iPod.

Extract from SwitchEasy


A true Plug and Play webcam… because it doesn’t come with a driver. Hook it up to a USB port and start video chatting right away! Well of course you have to set up with the chat software first. It takes photos at up to 1.3 megapixel resolution with viewing angle rotation of 270° and smooth, full motion 30fps digital video streams with High Speed USB 2.0 throughput. The only fault, it doesn’t match my notebook with it transparent and white finishing…

Extract from Creative

Ohh… My dream to draw straight onto the display like a tablet PC sans the weight… 

The Cintiq 21UX has an 21.3”, 1600×1200 (UXGA) high-resolution display and a dynamically adjustable stand that allows the display to be rotated, inclined, and even quickly removed for in-lap use. To further enhance your comfort the Cintiq 21UX comes with a cushioned Grip Pen for use directly on the screen allowing you to create in the most natural way possible. For USD 2499, I will continue to dream…

Extract from Wacom

Tivoli iYiYi™

November 3, 2006


Tivoli the expensive radio maker has a decided they don’t want to miss the lucrative iPod accessories wagon, and so, they presented the iYiYi™, the iPod player for radio lovers!

Wake in the morning to music you select from your iPod. Tune in to your favorite radio stations. Control your music from across the room with the credit card-sized remote control. The Tivoli Audio iYiYi™ High-Fidelity Stereo System for iPod is a high-end home iPod player with a digital AM/FM radio, built-in alarm/digital clock, , blue backlit LCD display, and Radio Data System (RDS) support. Available in high-gloss white or high-gloss black at USD299.99. iYiYiYiYiYiYiYiYi!!!

Oh, BTW, its looks flat on the picture but there’s actually a 22cm chunk behind.

Extract from Tivoli

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto

November 3, 2006

NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto, a stylish, multi-coffee capsule system that can make frothy cappuccino, shot of espresso, multilayered latte macchiato or rich caffè lungo. Nice design, look like fat mama.

Using a unique thermoblock system, it heats just the right amount of water every time, meaning you get a freshly made cup of coffee in seconds. It also use a 14 bar integrated pressure system normally found in professional coffee shop machines, forcing water through the ground coffee to make a good cup of wake-me-up.

For me, I like my coffee just black.

Extract from Dolce Gusto