Crocs: a review

November 2, 2006

I bought my white coloured Crocs almost 2yrs ago at SGD39 from a small push cart in Suntec Shopping Mall in Singapore. Reason, it is so ugly it attracted me and I find it hip. But I seldom wear it because it doesn’t really match many attires and it wasn’t really comfortable regardless of what people say (it hurts my toes)… and I stopped wearing it a long time ago (I think since I broke my foot last September).  

The year is 2006, there was a suddenly increased in people wearing it, and because it is so easy to manufacture, imitations arrived in Singapore at SGD3 a pair, which thus cause a chain reaction… Oldman, housewives, kids, hospitals, rich, poor, vagabonds, you name it, wears an imitation. At the local busy wet market near my house, I can confidently say 30% of the people going about their business wears them. I feel embarrassed owning Crocs.

Today in the Straits Times report, Crocs boutiques in Singapore makes a brisk sale of 30,000 pairs a month at an average of SGD49 a pair. There’s even a hate Crocs forum with an agenda to promote elimination of Crocs by 2008. So it cross my mine, why don’t I use it as toilet wear.

I will wear it again, maybe, when the hype died down or if they create new models with zero resemblance to this original and imitations follows along… when? I have no idea. But I am sure of one thing, the weekend sales of Crocs will increase at less 100% due to the newspaper report with readership of about 500k per day.

By the way, basic information for the clueless, Crocs are originally created for non slip boating wear using a material called Croslite™, a proprietary Closed Cell Resin (PCCR) which is NOT plastic NOR rubber. Croslite™ is closed-cell in nature and anti-microbial, which virtually eliminates odor. it is an extraordinary impact  absorbing resin material developed for maximum cushioning. its closed cell properties resist odor, inhibits bacterial and fungal growth and are non­toxic. this versatile material can be worn next to skin and be cleaned with just soap and water.

Extract from Crocs

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