Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000

November 1, 2006


Its supppose to prevents carpal tunnel syndrome, you are suppose to be comfortable with the ergonomic design, and with high-precision laser tracking engine, you should have better control over your work. It even state that the way I hold my current mouse is wrong (can i sue microsoft for designing and selling a mouse to me that they claim is bad for my hand?).

Questions: “How many designs and research does it take to make a good mouse?” and “Will this be the perfect one?” Looks cute though.

I am using a wireless intellimouse explorer 2 that looks like this but at half the height and I am feeling the strain on my wrist… and I feel mousy today…

Extract from everythingUSB

4 Responses to “Microsoft Natural Wireless Laser Mouse 6000”

  1. goldcoaster Says:

    if you hold your hand that way it is very comfortable, try it.

  2. daniel toh Says:

    I can’t haha. My mouse is not built that way like the 6000… although the tilt is the same, there is no height for my palm to rest lower…

  3. goldcoaster Says:

    I meant just tilt your hand that way, it feels more natural than twisted to be on top of a normal mouse.

    i still wouldn’t buy one because my son is left handed – he would be able to use it!

  4. Ozzy Says:

    isn’t there a left hand version of that ?

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