Dopod’s “me too” answer to the Samsung SGH-i320N and Moto Q. Just a wee bit different in the form (less edgy then Sammy and more cuddly than Moto). Maybe it is addressing to the less executive, more feminine market that Sammy and Moto forgot about. Interesting details with the forwarded side buttons making it look slimmer.  At 111 x 62.5 x 12.8mm, it is thicker than Moto Q by 0.8mm and Samsung SGH-i320N by 1.3mm.

Loaded with Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone Edition with DirectPush Technology plus other applications; Quadband; EDGE, GPRS, Bluetooth, Infrared, USB, WLAN; TI OMAP 850 processor; 64MB RAM and 128MB ROM; dual language support; supports Microsoft and BlackBerry push email solutions.

Available before end Nov 2006 at SGD898 (USD571.32).

Extracted from HTC


Its supppose to prevents carpal tunnel syndrome, you are suppose to be comfortable with the ergonomic design, and with high-precision laser tracking engine, you should have better control over your work. It even state that the way I hold my current mouse is wrong (can i sue microsoft for designing and selling a mouse to me that they claim is bad for my hand?).

Questions: “How many designs and research does it take to make a good mouse?” and “Will this be the perfect one?” Looks cute though.

I am using a wireless intellimouse explorer 2 that looks like this but at half the height and I am feeling the strain on my wrist… and I feel mousy today…

Extract from everythingUSB


A 1000 dpi high resolution, 5 buttons, interference-free 2.4GHz wireless technology mouse. What’s special is that instead of a scroll wheel, it uses a touch sensitive scroll so you can fondle it everyday… and it comes with a horizontal recharging dock and two battery packs so you will never run out of juice.

Oh… and a nice name to make it worth the purchase.

Extract from Saitek

ionKids Wristag

November 1, 2006


The IonKids system from the firm Bluespan allows parents to give their young children some autonomy in the context of their environment. The child wears an aesthetically pleasing Wristag that has the capability of communicating with a PDA-like Base Unit that would be near a caregiver. If the child wanders too far away, the wireless communication kicks in and the Wristag sends an alert to the screen portion of the Base Unit and the parent can effectively locate the child’s position.

Seems like a prisoner under house arrest, but with many interchangable clip-ons and picture panels, at least the child will feels like Jimmy Neutron with the electronic device on their wrist…

Extract from Ion Kids

Reminding me of the 80s movie Batteries not included, this little radio controlled robotic insect features advanced Variable Motion Technology(tm) which gives it incredibly realistic bug movement and creates a natural life-like rhythm to its walk and has rapid fire 6-shot cannon that has a 20 feet range.  It also has working claws for capturing action and laser-like eyes that change color for attack or explore mode.

Extract from N.S.E.C.T.

Piet Hein Drink Cooler

November 1, 2006


Ice dilutes your drink but the Piet Hein Drink cooler, a chunk of highly polished stainless steel, stuck in the freezer for an hour can cool your drink without diluting it, and it remained cold – colder than a similar volume of ice could make it and longer too. The steel egg has a liquid core that freezes solid and releases cold energy slowly… just remember don’t swallow it.

Extract from ThinkGeek