Variety Cabinet

October 30, 2006


Beauty is in the details. Nice flower patterns milled on black lacquer with bright 50s flower prints on the inside to complete the design. With wheels too so you can move your clothes around the house to show off…hmmm.

Extract from design by us

War Bowl

October 30, 2006

These little soldiers used to be my favorite toys when I was a kid. I think it cost SGD3.50 and it comes in a big plastic pack… quantity counts and I had great fun killing the colours I dislike…

A bowl made from melted plastic soldiers from the Battle of Waterloo, half French infantry, half British artillery. See the gruesome figures on the top surface, looking like blue hell, the sufferings… wow, but nice silhouette on th edges… For USD229.00, you get to put your fruits in a bowl of misery…

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Random pic of the week

October 30, 2006

The issue of usefulness vesus fugliness and a hint of crappiness…