LG KE820 Cardphone

October 27, 2006

Samsung said “its not so hard to imagine”, so LG said “ok, heres KE820 to compete with your SGH P310“, and so the war continues with each being less imaginative than the next.

Power packed with 2 mega-pixel auto focus camera, 128 MB user memory and external memory slot (MicroSD), FM Radio and MP3 player, Plug and Play USB Mass Storage & PC sync, triband, GPRS & EDGE, Video & voice recording & playback and bluetooth, the phone is only 9.9mm thick. It is a successor to the KG320.

Innovation must be a dirty word in Korea…

Extract from slashphone

Grohe has gone where no showers has gone before… it has taken shower wireless. The wireless digital shower allows you to turn on and control your shower remotely. That way, you can wake up, turn on the shower, and have it on and ready by the time you get to the bathroom. Temperatures can be individually set for different people or times of the day. its even child safe…

Now you will have one more remote to wrestle with your family.

Extract from Grohe

The Nike factory

October 27, 2006

So so very different from my perception of how a Nike shoe is made. In my mind, it is only one mold and a long conveyor belt… Now I know why the big deal about child labour… with a process so simple, children can make them after a shallow learning curve, but of course, the labourers here are not children.

Now I also know how imitations are made too… and the price difference…

Click on the link to see great photos taken by this guy of the factory and the manufacturing process.

Extract from everythingtoeveryone

Sonic Bed

October 27, 2006

Sleeping beauty will refuse to wake up in this king-size bed with 12-channel surround sound system. A cross between a casket and a giant shoe box, Sonic Bed is a purpose built portable venue which plays music that moves for the prone bodies of an audience, who can come lie in the bed alone or together.

She looked peaceful…

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Saint B MP3 player

October 27, 2006


To provoke or to question, to amuse or to ornate, this is a nice MP3 player that defies conventional form and immediately brings many questions – whether it is possible to listen to any kind of music on it? Whether it can keep on playing a role of the religious symbol? Does everybody have a moral right to wear this thing?

Flash-player in a chrome-plated steel body frame. Control elements and OLED-display are covered by flexible, semi-transparent plastic. Connect to the computer and charging are via USB port.

Extract from MWD