SAM water heating container

October 26, 2006


A samovar is a water heating container, mostly made of brass, with a pipe and built-in brazier inside. The physical design and the construction of a classic charcoal-burning samovar  is rethought and recreating an old and practically forgotten national tradition – a russian tea ceremony, with a fascinating process of brew-up. Nice reinterpretation of the samovar pictured below and also a refreshing look away from the kettle that everybody knows and take for granted.

Extract from MWD

ifrogz tadpole iPod™ case

October 26, 2006

If you can afford to buy your little kid an iPod… and want it to last at least a couple of years, get the Tadpole, a rugged case and clear protective screen that converts your iPod™ into a portable entertainment device for your child. Download movies, cartoons and educational videos then take them anywhere!

Maybe its ideal for sports too… but I wander how knocks can this iPod frizbee take…

Extract from ifrogz

Hasbro Tooth Tunes

October 26, 2006


Rock your teeth clean and encourage better brushing habits! with this electronic toothbrush from Hasbro that lets you hear one of your favorite songs while you brush! Sound vibrations stream from the bristles through your teeth – so you can actually hear music inside your head! To increase the volume, simply increase your brushing pressure! The better you brush, the better the sound! If you brush well, you’ll actually hear two full minutes of “We Will Rock You” by the rock music idols, Queen!

It encourages you to throw it away as soon as possible too before you get sick of the tunes, or you may even refuse to brush… another alternative, buy the whole collection so you have a new tune everyday. You might even win in the local Karaoke singing competition!

Extract from Hasbro

Monstor Drive USB Harddrive

October 26, 2006

The micro-sized USB drive look like a Zippo lighter, but packs 12GB of storage. The stainless steel shell is simple and attractive but the picture above look like a rendering (too clean, too smooth, no part lines). The Monstor Drive throws down USB 2.0, low power consumption, and 1500G shock resistance, but doesn’t use flash memory, opting for a 4200rpm micro-HDD instead. At USD129, its time to replace my 128MB flash drives…

Extract from Mobilemag

Remember the Mimoco announced limited edition Star Wars mimobots? and the contest to choose the other 3 characters? I didn’t guess correctly… Did you? Second of the four is Chewbacca limited at 2500 pieces. At least this one looked a bit matching to the teddy bear ears… but it also looked like 2 swells on the head… maybe he had a bad fall… and whats with the silver bunny tail? 

Extract from Mimoco

Under normal circumstances, I would criticise an “i”sumthin if I see one because I am really sick of them, but when I saw this, I had wanted to laugh, so I forgive it and post it here instead. What’s more, it didn’t come with an “i”.

Called Edifier MO, this dock is shaped like a classic bell-style alarm clocks with the iPod sitting in the center finishing the design. Just place your iPod, set the alarm and you will be woken up with your favourite tune and your iPod will get the juice it needs for the day while you sleep. Unfortunately, the iPod has no way to display the time with a large font, so it has no way to function as just a regular clock…. but maybe its so cute, you might just forgive it.

oh… and these are its optional behind…

Extract from Aving