Sony Ericsson SO903i Bravia quality walkman camera… phone

October 25, 2006

DoCoMo announced SE SO903i a FOMA 3G mobile with a QVGA display using the same Reality MAX technology enclosed in the BRAVIA HD TVs. The phone has a MP3 player with 1GB of memory. Even for this, Sony offers what’s best with VME (Virtual Mobile Engine), and the Stamina mode which allows almost 45 hours of running time in walkman mode. There’s also a 3.2Mpix camera with image stabilizer. The phone measures 50x20x106 and weights 125g.

Another thing I was inpressed with was the ‘live calendar’ which is more useful than the nokia lifeblog. The calendar have popups that show the pictures you took and past messages or mails, together with your schedules. Power.

And when you flip it open, you can make phone calls. The japanese always get the best, 6 months in advance. The rest of the world is obsolete.

Extract from Sony Ericsson Japan

One Response to “Sony Ericsson SO903i Bravia quality walkman camera… phone”

  1. Alwyn Says:

    Look out for a GSM/WCDMA version of this amazing handset to hit European shores next summer(possibly June), although word has it that it will not be in the same form factor.

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