Stylish Bandages

October 24, 2006


Sometimes to learn something, you have to go through the process because it is not broadcasted to the public and nobody will tell you about it, especially if its about things like being sick or body falling apart. I broke my right foot on September 15th 2005. Thats the period when I learnt about casts coming in fluorescent colors. Pink, lime, dark blue, white. And I got to choose the color I want.

Putting on bangages and cast today can be fashionable, and we are not talking about small Hello Kitty or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Plasters. You don’t have to hide it. Complete with logo and clips, the bandage can compliment any outfit and steers away from the dramatic off white traditional bandage of the past.

Extract from Fabian Seibert

I got my first exposure to killer plants when I watched the Little Shop of Horror… of course I got the wrong impression that a venus flytrap can eat up a man. But it has always been fasinating looking at these plants as they trapped and digest the insects, maybe they are martians disguised as plants…

This fascinating kit contains ten varieties of seeds of the world’s most lethal plants including Venus’s-flytrap, Pitcher Plant, Sundew Plant, Cobra Plant and others, all deadly to the insects they trap inside. Comes with a growing dome, swamp rugs, planting mixture and more.

Extract from What on Earth

Gupi Interactive Guinea Pig

October 24, 2006


Loves guinea pig but hate to clean up after them? Then get Gupi, the high-tech, electronic guinea pig!

Gupi has a mind of its own and can walk around the house without bumping into things or falling down stairs. If you put Gupi in a maze, you can be assured that it will find its way out. Gupi will react to noises, light and touch. When held and pet he becomes more friendly and when ignored gets more skittish and will run to darker areas or run when startled. When Gupi gets hungry you can feed him (recharge his batteries) through a little carrot. It even farts…

So like a real Guinea pig, its scary… only £29.99 and it probably has enough other functions listed on the site to put Aibo to shame…

Extract from Gadgets