Smokers’ Incense

October 22, 2006


Smokers are a dying specie in Singapore what with tobacco tax raising almost every quarter of the year. When I was 10, 20 sticks of Marlboro cost about SGD2. Now its about SGD12 or whatever… It doesn’t matter anyway… the haze from the Indonesian forest fires is good enough high for us.

The Smokers’ Incense is supposed to covers up your smoking tracks after you finish your lung burning hobby by leaving a pleasent scent. £2.95 per pack. Wait a minute.. wouldn’t it be smokier? And what’s the difference between this and normal incense sticks? Hmmm…

I find these stuffs strange… are they meant to encourage smoking…  

Extract from BoysStuff


One Response to “Smokers’ Incense”

  1. Megan Says:

    your lung burning hobby

    Cigarette smoke does not ‘burn’ the lungs lol. In fact all of the black lungs you see in the smoking advertisements are from coal miners.

    P.S – 25% of Lung cancer victims never smoked in their entire lives.

    Tip : Italian scientists found that breathing for a day in a large city was EQV to smoking about one pack of cigarettes.

    I am not arguing that cigarettes are ‘Healthy’ OBVIOUSLY they are not. However, they are not nearly as deadly as the propaganda about them would have you believe when you actually look at the scientific data.

    Remember Cigarettes are ‘A’ cause according to science not ‘THE’ cause. — Other causes of cancer include…

    Cured meats (anything that uses sulphites)
    Soda and Monosaccharide’s.
    MSG has been linked.
    Birth control and anything that alters hormonal levels like Bisphenol A.
    Dyes and Colors.

    I mean the list goes on and on.

    And remember – Cancer rates are higher than ever but yet there are almost no more smokers left.

    That should tell you something.

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