Dream Love Chair

October 21, 2006

This sex machine claims to gives you and your partner a complete new dimension to sex. Called The Dream Love Chair, the device is actually a set of two seating areas, with controls for vibration and height-and incline-adjustments.

Probably you will have the same feeling as sitting in a dentist chair…

Extract from Dreamlovechair

For James Bond wannabes, even if your looks are rejected, getting the Sony VGNTX007C Limited Edition Spy Gear can still attract some good stares. 

Sony’s 007 Edition VAIO TX ultraportable, 1 inch thick and weighing 2.8 pounds comes with a matching Attaché briefcase. The 11.1-inch machine touts a carbon fiber enclosure, WXGA XBRITE display, 1.2GHz Core Solo, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 80GB 4200RPM hard drive, dual-layer DVD burner, and a “privacy screen” that blurs all on-screen content to your ‘enemies’ not looking head-on. The Casino Royale-approved device also touts audio in / out, Ethernet, USB 2.0, FireWire, MS/MSPro reader, PCMCIA, and the WiFi / Bluetooth that no undercover assassin could function without.

For snapping up those sexy photos of your pretty assistant, Sony bundles in a DSC-T50B (“B” for Bond) which has the same specs found on its less-secretive sibling, but sports a sleek, black finish and the obligatory 007 logo. Live like Bond for just USD4,299.99.

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October 21, 2006

The lights on the pedal point forward, back and to the side, providing 360° visibility. It keeps on flashing for five minutes even when you were to stop at traffic light junctions. As you step on the pedals, a small generator inside pumps up their three super-bright LEDs just like those windup radios and torchlights. £39.95 to increase your lifespan.

Now we only have to educate the motorists not to knock down cyclists for entertainments…

Extract from Pedalite