T3 MOTION Personal Vehicle

October 19, 2006


T3 MOTION sells personal electric vehicle to Police, claims they are getting fat.

T3 costs just 10 cents per day to run, charges from a wall outlet, has a top speed of 25 mph and depending on how much you spend on batteries, will have a range of between 15 miles and 75 miles. Costing USD6188 plus USD1800 for the long-range batteries, market includes paper delivery to security – most significantly it rapidly improves response times because it is potentially so fast from point A to point B where cars can’t go – shopping malls, in lifts, down corridors, pedestrian environments, beaches, parks, historical sites.

But i like Segway….

Extract from T3 Motion


2 Weeks ago, when I talked about Samsung and the Armani Exchange limited ultra edition 6.9, i did mention that there was a Calvin Klein version too… well, I finally found the pic…

Its no different from the original in design or colour but will come preloaded with 2006 fashion wallpapers from the Calvin Klein’s 2006 winter collection as well as a matching black leather pouch. 1,000 units available on offer in Singapore only at SGD738.


History refresh: Bluetooth is named after a 10th century king of Denmark who enjoyed eating blueberries a bit too much, resulting in blue stained teeth. Harold “Bluetooth” Gormson helped to unite Sweden, Norway, and Denmark much like the way Bluetooth helps to unite your wireless gadgets under a single standard. And did we mention that the Bluetooth logo is composed of the rune characters representing his initials – H and B. (Thanks Thinkgeek, I had forgotten that it was meaningful)

Great! Thinkgeek has upgraded the retro handset with bluetooth. Actually I find that the retro handset to be very ergonomical… good for people who has evolved their necks into an extra hand. Now with bluetooth sans phone cord… a winner!

Extract from ThinkGeek