ISIS Adventure Puzzle Ball

October 17, 2006


Claimed to be the world’s most difficult puzzle… with millions of combinations… doesn’t look that way isn’t it? I can’t imagine it… maybe it opens…

Anyway… there’s money in it. Solve the puzzle and find ISIS golden pyramids which are hidden in secret locations throughout the UK with each containing thousands of pounds. So, first you must buy one at £99.99. And then you have crack your brain and pluck some hairs, divorce your family, sacrifice your job, take weeds… kidding… but it did claim that you can get obsess with it.

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Chameleon Candles

October 17, 2006


Ever heard of a battery powered candle? No its not an electric candle…

This candle still uses fire and it burns for about 25 hours but the unique part is that it can change colours… That’s because it has a built-in LED light that activates when you light the candle… even more romantic than an ordinary candle… even more eerie than an ordinary halloween…

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Wii-mote / TV remote

October 17, 2006

Well, I can’t tell the difference too… other than some janpanese texts printed on the TV remote version. Japan’s Club Nintendo decided to reward Platinum members with a TV remote shaped as a Wii-mote and it looks like a tTV remote… or is it Wii-mote…

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The playstation 3 will send a craft to abduct childrens in North American on the 17th of November 2006…. you have been warned…

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Hand Dryer with videoscreen

October 17, 2006


It is only a matter of time… dry your hand while being entertained by brainwashing adverts on a small videoscreen… and in the process burn your hands…

Seen at the Departure level, Terminal 2 (International), Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne.

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Haier Black Pearl

October 17, 2006

Haier, the big electronic giant in China has always been trying to innovate and break into the mobile phone market… They have tried with their Pen phones named P5, P6 and P7 (pictured below). All are discontinued now.

Now, They are trying it again with the black pearl, in a black gloss mirrored surface and features built in MP3 player, FM Stereo tuner, Voice Recorder and full color OLED display w/ delightful 3-D graphics. Maybe they will be more successful with this miniature phone (90 x 35 x17.8)mm which has the same type of finish as the SE Z610i and the Moto KRZR.

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