Red Products to fight Aids

October 15, 2006


Red Products are designed to Help Eliminate AIDS in Africa. Buy or use a red product and a percentage of the money goes to the Global Fund which is channelled towards the Rwandan Ministry of Health’s comprehensive HIV/AIDS programs, mainly to provide anti-retroviral treatment for children and adults in a third of the country.

The products now include red iPod, red RAZR, red Amex, red Emporio Armani watch, red Converse shoes and red GAP Tee.

Extract from joinred


Remember the Hydrogen Fuelled Toy Car I posted previously? Well, I just discovered a rocket version.

This USD 39.95 toy has everything you need to create your own hydrogen fuel and blast a rocket 200 feet into the sky. Just add water. And it comes with a Dual-bladed helicopter recovery system, a remote launch controller, built-in system status display: power-on LED, gas-generating LED & launch-ready LED and 4 separate safety switches for launching… as good as NASA.

Houston… we have a problem… our water bills are running sky high!…

Extract from Discovery Channel Store

Claimed the only 5.0 Surround Sound System in one package for your portable medias. 50 watts of peak performance, patented decoder technology produces surround sound from self-contained, compact unit, rich powerful bass output, remote cradle holds your MP3 player and attaches to main unit via 6-foot cord. USD 129.95

Woohoo… A league of it’s own… and rich, glossy black finish to match the look and feel of Sony’s PSP®

Extract from Banshee