Do you know that its 72 days to Christmas… what? You think thats very far away? Better start saving up to buy some gifts…

I discovered Discovery channel’s gift catalog… and what caught my eyes was this color changing reptile… and I clicked on the video. Okay, fine, it looks spastic walking, especially on its hindlegs… Wuahhahahaa…! Imagine that… I watched and laughed!

Sound, motion sensors, touch sensor, infrared vision, advanced AI, mood, dual color hues, 40 pre programmed functions, and, you can program your own tricks and movements…  oh my… Aibo just went prehistoric! You can even ‘tame’ your reptile by covering his head. Only USD99.95.

Extract from Discovery Channel Store

Nike Technology & Art

October 14, 2006

Well, this is actually a new Ad for Nike’s ‘Born from Obsession’ theme, showing its latest footwears… but its really cool looking at how they put the parts of the shoes together in the animation. Oh yah, they have some nice new shoes, and if you register, you can look at some pretty artworks titled ‘shoe as art’

Extract from Nike Sg

If this robot solves it because all the rubik’s cube’s configurations are programmed in, we are safe… if this is done by mathematical calculations, mankind is in great danger! Rubot’s features ain’t much different from the Schwarzenegger Terminator… what if it starts calculating human’s imperfection and decides to fix us?

Even the music sounded scary!

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Good morning welcome to CNN Sunday, my name is daniel… in today’s news…

I remember when I was a little boy, I had to buy new shoes, flip flops and sandals every year… not because I am spoilt or I am a rich kid but because I outgrow my footwears really fast. So does most kids… Inchworm Shoes provide your children with better fitting shoes that last up to three sizes longer. The shoes grow in half size increments. Just push the button on the side, and pull the toe of the shoe to adjust into the next size. Reminded me of Back to the Future movie.

That’s cool. The designs cool too. What not cool… when the kid beside yours in school says “Hey! My dad just bought me a new Nike Air Presto!” and you are still wearing the same one… but fear not… kids wear-out their shoes really fast too… so you still have to buy a new pair…haha…

Extract from Inchworm