Sony SRS-BTM30 Bluetooth 2.0 Speaker

October 12, 2006

Together with the new network walkman series, Sony also launch a number of stereo bluetooth accessories from headphones, to transmitter/receiver to speakers…

This Bluetooth 2.0 speaker (¥14,000/USD117) receives signal from your portable media players or mobile phones, with output of 6W, it loaded with a digital amplifier to give a  powerful & clear 15hr playback. To get the new walkman series to work with the speaker, you can get the WLA-NWB1 (¥7,000/USD59) Bluetooth adapter, or the HWS-BTA2W (¥8,000/USD67) transmitter/receiver to connect to your PC or any other devices.

Extract from Sony

One Response to “Sony SRS-BTM30 Bluetooth 2.0 Speaker”

  1. Mr S.dade Says:

    does this bluetooth speaker works with any blue tooth phone and if it does can u tell me where to purchase it from

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