Together with the new network walkman series, Sony also launch a number of stereo bluetooth accessories from headphones, to transmitter/receiver to speakers…

This Bluetooth 2.0 speaker (¥14,000/USD117) receives signal from your portable media players or mobile phones, with output of 6W, it loaded with a digital amplifier to give a  powerful & clear 15hr playback. To get the new walkman series to work with the speaker, you can get the WLA-NWB1 (¥7,000/USD59) Bluetooth adapter, or the HWS-BTA2W (¥8,000/USD67) transmitter/receiver to connect to your PC or any other devices.

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Sony’s NW-S700/600 series

October 12, 2006

More walkmans from Sony. Looks like the same in colour and material scheme as the one I posted for the SE Z610i and the Sony NW-S205 . To be launched 21 October, the higher end NW-S700 versions consisting of Black, Violet, Gold, Pink, has FM tuner, Noise cancelling, Color organic EL, 50 hour continual playbacks, Direct sound recording, USB bus power charge, and are priced from 18000 Yen for 1Gb to 29000 Yen for 4Gb.

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Make your children do the housework while telling them propagandas that what they are doing is actually fun…

The Buster vacuum cleaner was created by designer .tina. as a thesis project for Philips. Children are invited to help out with the cleaning of their home in a fun, responsible and inspiring way. Buster doesn’t have to be hidden away after use as it looks like a big toy snail… or you can keep it in your child’s room… :*

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Tickle Me Xtreme Elmo

October 12, 2006


Elmo turns evil… stars in sex video. 

warning: the below maybe regarded as unsuitable for certain people. Please do not click any of the videos below if you are below 18 or viewing sexually explicit material starring plush children’s toys is deemed offensive to you or any person around your vicinity. Disclaimer: This is Rated Artistic, not pornography. I do not take responsibility for any person being offended or unhappy after viewing of clip(s).

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Mimoco announce limited edition Star Wars mimobots!! Four new mimobots straight from the Star Wars universe geared up for release in 2007, starting with the dark lord, Darth Vader! A limited run of only 3500, so preorder now. USD79.95 for a 1GB version, all the way to USD169.95 for a 4GB version. @_@

If this Darth Vadar USB drive with little bear ears and tail will also come preloaded with bonus removable Star Wars mimobot content like trailers, soundbites, avatars, and wallpapers!

My christmas wishlist… will any kind soul out there buy me one?

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