Reaching Singapore shore last weekend with W710i, the W850i Walkman® phone ooze details of Japanese versions of SE designs. Compare this with other SE phones for the European market, and you will see this one stands out on its own. It probably got lost… functions are standards, 2megapixels cam, 3G, radio… except for one feature. They have a system called TrackID™ which helps you find out the title, album and artist of the song that you hear on radio. Just record a few seconds of a song through the microphone or built-in FM radio. The sample is sent to a music database, and once the song is recognised, the title, album and artist name are sent back to you. Seems to be a standard feature in the walkman series.

and nice accessory to go with it…

Extract from Sony Ericsson

The W710i Walkman® phone finally arrived at Singapore shores last weekend. It is built for an active lifestyle. Keep the beat, keep in touch, stay on the go – the W710i is the perfect companion to keep you moving in style.

Inside the W710i is a motion sensor. Based on the movements the sensor detects, the fitness application measures time, speed and distance when you run and the device is strapped to your arm. It also includes a step counter for walking. Your results are stored in your phone so you can monitor your progress. The phone comes with performance graphite rubber trimming or hatha violet.

For the less sporty, this phone has a cousin, the Z710i, in a more stylish, classy design. In twilight black or metallic sand, it strangely looks a bit naked from the front without the rubber trim… and over detailed…

I prefer the sports…

Extracted from Sony Ericsson

One-Click Butter Cutter

October 11, 2006


Too tired or lazy to cut your butter in the morning? Here’s a machine that’ll do it for you, precisely measuring a 35-calorie portion at a time. And it holds an entire butter in it, messy free… that is until it melts if you don’t put it in the fridge…

Extract from One-Click Butter Cutter

Nike Dumbbells

October 11, 2006


Look… Dumbbells don’t have to look dumb. They can look smart too.

Innovative shape ensures a great hand fit for all types of strength training. Rubber grip offers a soft, comfortable feel and easy cleaning. Durable silver metallic finish adds lux to your routine. Training card included.

Extract from Nike

Michelin Airless Tires

October 11, 2006


Coming soon… Tweels
no more repair kits
no more air valves
no more air compressors at gas stations
no more spike strips…
but can try pole pocking… that will be fun… stick in a pole and the car will flip.

Actually there are airless tyres… used on bicycles… but they are heavier since its all rubber.