Sooloos Music System

October 10, 2006


Sooloos is a very big music player. Very big with 17 inch touch screen and 1 terabyte of spaces for your tens of thousands of songs pre installed (it did not say how) and no moving parts so no noise to disturb your indulgence…. oohmmm….

Extract from Sooloos

3 Responses to “Sooloos Music System”

  1. BM Says:

    see it in action:

  2. Toby Wilson Says:

    How is the sound quality? Is the high price due to phenominal audio quality? Is this an all in one unit? I don’t understasnd where the HD is on this unit. Is it built in or external?
    This looks slick, but the price tag makes me hesitant.
    I checked out the Olive Musica ( and the Philips WACS700 ( They seem to be in a more attainable price range

  3. Asbjørn Says:

    the sooloos music system is reele cool, i have been thinking about builting some thing like that my selfe, but now that i can see yhat it exists, i’d like to know where i can geth it and the price aswell.

    if you could send me a reply it would be reele helpful.


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