Lego Ice Cubes

October 8, 2006

You can use it for a cold drink, and maybe you might be inspired by it enough to build an ice hotel with them… or just stare at it. They are so cool…

Extract from Lego Shop


What only 4megapixels you say? But this is a miniaturized LEICA M3 classic camera of the fifties with a digital interior.

The MINOX Digital Classic Camera Leica M3 4.0 enables the user to shoot sharp images with high detail definition. It is quick and convenient to use and is excellently suited for beginners entering the world of digital photography and for users who have already discovered this digital realm.

It can capture up to 99images on the internal 32 MB memory chip with usb cable for loading onto the PC and yes, an LCD display.

Extract from Minox

MP3 Alarm Clock

October 8, 2006


Sometimes I am not really up-to-date in the gadget world or maybe my life at that moment in time did not have a need or a want for such products. Anyway, an MP3 Alarm clock, around since… 1-2yr ago? more? I don’t know… a search in google came up with many claims… There are even all-in-ones now…

But this one is presentable, goes well with most deco, simple, usb, 256mb (enough for reasonable quality of a britney spears’ and a christina aguilera’s album)

Extract from Firebox


Hydrogen Fuelled Racing Car, affordable for you and me… only £59.95

Yes, if you don’t mind that it is only 12inches long, but you still can brag about it… because it is still a revolution!… for a toy car and you being the first few to own it, if you order it now. The car runs on water and solar or battery power, and can drive up to 100feet or around 4 minutes  before needing a recharge. It comes with the fuelling station too which produces hydrogen for fuel from simple water in a matter of minutes.

Extract from BoysStuff