Do you believe in love at second sight? The SE Z550 to me is an ugly phone. Why? Because I see it at a distance and I was not attracted to it. Then I read about the SE Z558, that’s when I took a closer look. SE Z558, like the SE Z550, is ordinary flip phone, BUT with a touch screen, and it is not symbian or windows mobile.

The design of both phones was meant to have an understated feel that’s a tribute to the iconic phone T610.

Extract from Sony Ericsson 


The Asus PG191 LCD monitor, with a sleek aluminum alloy neck, diamond-cut base and black-glared front frame and built-in 1.3 mega-pixel webcam, incorporates Power Bass System and 2ms gray-to-gray response time to deliver the audio and video performance for the demanding hardcore gamers.

Read the specs and drool…

Extract from Asus

Five Logitech products had won Japan´s Good Design Award 2006, they are MX Revolution Mouse, The world´s most advanced mouse

 VX Revolution Mouse, The ultimate notebook mouse

 Z-10 Interactive 2.0 Speakers, See it. Touch it. Hear it

QuickCam Ultra Vision Webcam, Unsurpassed image quality, with an extra large glass lens

Cordless Desktop MX3200 Laser, Leading-edge performance, comfort, and style

*clap! clap!*

Extract from Logitech


The ChillStream controller for PS3 from Logitech features a built-in fan-based cooling system to keep sweaty palms dry during your long playing hours. The controller has three vents on each side pushing air directly onto your fingers and palms and can be set to high, low or off. Logitech also claims the fans are quiet during operation. There’s also the Xbox version launched last month. Uglies…

Extract from Logitech