Samsung X830 Music Phone

October 5, 2006

One of Samsung’s new lineup for Europe’s market is bright and orange. The X830 is Samsung’s first attempt at a dedicated music phone. It features a flick-to-open mechanism, 1GB of onboard memory and a scroll wheel. This is a sign of things to come and sources at Samsung informed us that it is soon going to launch a new range of music phones in the UK, to compete with the likes of Sony Ericsson and Nokia.

Extract from CNET UK


3 Responses to “Samsung X830 Music Phone”

  1. goldcoaster Says:

    Finally a mp3 player that is a phone rather than the other way around – great idea

    (I like you blog btw)

  2. daniel toh Says:

    thanks for the compliment!
    samsung can create some good stuffs isn’t it. as an electronics company, it has the ability to innovate in many areas other than just being slim.

  3. Sunita Says:

    Need to know the cost of this cell phone and where its available to buy in India (Mumbai)

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