Its been almost a year since Motorola and D&G unveiled the MotoRAZR Gold, now Samsung decide it wants to be in the fashion bandwagon too with the blue Ultra Edition 6.9, which is officially named “Limited Edition Armani Exchange Ultra Edition 6.9”, to be introduced in collaboration with clothing brand Armani. Only 1,000 units of this phone will be sold in Singapore. The company currently does not have any plans to release this handset in other Asian countries.

Updated 061006: there is even a Limited Edition Calvin Klein Ultra Edition 12.9 today in the papers…

Extract from CNET Asia

Opel Antara compact SUV features a “Flex-Fix” system that offers a perfectly hidden bike rack that slides out and still have the number plate visible for the trafic police to copy down… oohhh.. I like…

Extract from KickingTires


This ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator) not only contains a defibrillator that can deliver life-saving electric shocks, but also integrates a technology that monitors the functions of both the heart and the device itself. This device actually sends messages to the physician in emergency cases, and in all other cases the doc can log into a website and check the body stats via the Lumax ICD.

Extract from Biotronik

Elecom 3D Laser Mouse

October 5, 2006

Elecom new 3D laser mouse allows PC users to move along and rotate about x, y, and z-axis, action that requires users to work with multiple keys on the keyboard or an on-screen navigation bar when using a traditional mouse. The M-3D1UR series mouse allows PC users to move freely on CAD software, game software and 3D applications, such as Google Earth using the regular scrollwheel along with three separate joystick-like knobs positioned left, top, and right of the wheel.

Great hardware… but will it further increase the injury from carpal tunnel syndrome? Nice clean mouse though…

Extract from DMasia

Philips Wake-up light

October 5, 2006

This huge ‘alarm light’ starts to brighten about an hour or so before you’re due to wake up, so that you come awake gently and naturally, rather than with a jolt.

Actually it works like the sun high up in the sky, it wakes me up the same way by shining on my face through the window and warms up to 30 degrees celcius if I don’t wake up thus giving me a headache and a tan.

£120 for the alarm light, free for the sunlight with natural headache and tan…

Extract from Philips


What’s different as compared to so many in the market?

Warmth, traditional… the others look like high-tech plastic that just doesn’t fit in the house…

…and intelligence. This one automatically changes the picture when you turn the frame, and has the ability to send pictures to it via email. It also has a touchscreen for easier editing, and lets you expand pictures across two or more frames. I like it a lot! When can I buy one?

Extract from Philips


Renault planned a new model for next year based on its Twingo concept vehicle. The small three-door concept features frameless windows and an integrated glasshouse where the windshield flows into the roof. Powering the Twingo concept is a small turbo-charged engine displacing 1.2L and develops 100hp.

Renault Twingo concept has iPod docks, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, and each seat gets an audio jack for listening to an independent source. There’s also a 15-inch LCD, which is backed by an in-car PC with internet access. When you open up the hatch, there’s some chilled beverages awaiting, and the speaker system points backwards.  

Alls good except I don’t like the ipod part… can I dock my phone instead?

Extract from Motor Authority