I used to wander about wireless speakers many many years ago. So, I was looking around at audio speakers today, thinking what’s fresh in this world and hey! I thought I saw a giant bottle cap opener.

Using 900 MHz technology, it transmits through walls, floors, and ceilings up to 150 feet away from transmitter. It has 3 channels so as not to interfer with other wireless devices (Hmmm… I wander…). Blue lighting illuminates speaker at night.

Its promoted for partying, but I assume you can also use it for private listening at low volume while watching TV programs so as not to disturb others in the house. Nice.

Extract from Brookstone 

Dyson Airblade

October 4, 2006

Invented by the Japanese, modified by Mr Dyson and called his own, Dyson Airblade, a supercharged hand dryer that pumps room-temperature air through a tiny slot at 400mph. Dyson claims the device uses a “windshield-wiper” effect, drying both hands in 10 seconds and since it doesn’t use any hot air, he says it uses 83% less energy.

I just like the orange light there. Anyway, I find this type of hand dryer really efficient but really grotesque too… have you seen the dirt and hair and what sh*t collected at the bottom?

Extract from The Sun

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Creative Xmod

October 4, 2006


Claims “Experience your MP3 music beyond studio quality. Restore the details and vibrance that your music lost during MP3 compression; Enjoy all your music and movies in surround sound on any stereo speaker system or headphones; Connect in seconds to your notebook, PC or Mac to create an Xtreme Fidelity sound system”

Fwah! Looks nice and simple. I like the big knob. Thats it. I don’t want this to add up more tangled mess to my table, or an extra bulge in my pocket. Doesn’t even match my room deco or my players… Maybe next time when it has other colour choice, shape, size, wireless, as an attachment…

extract from X-Fi