Claro Holographic TV

September 25, 2006


There’s always an attempt at hologram projections, from using gas to glass… Now here’s one thats in a small production thats simple and complex (in maths) that says Woohoo!…

The latest innovation in TV and display technology from CLARO combined with a visual design aesthetic to introduce the TV system of the future – a transparent glass TV and media system utilising holographic technology. 

Before they can come up with the R2D2 type of hologram, I will put my affection to this first.

Extract from Claro

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An old video of Ross Lovegrove, an industrial designer, best known for his work on the Sony Walkman and Apple iMac. In this highly visual presentation, he presents his work—from furniture to water bottles—which is organic in form and inspired by nature.

…and car on a stick!…

Extract from TED

Moody Aquarium Sink

September 25, 2006

What’s more refreshing than washing your face on a clear and cooling stream… errr…. or fishtank…

Moody is not only a simple washbasin, but also an aquarium for goldfish, a Zen garden or a simple pebble river bed or whatever you would like it to be. It is completely watertight with a sand bed for fish, and provides the necessary lighting for maintaining your fish in healthy conditions.
A powerhead is also provided to ensure water circulation, oxygenation and filtration. There are two openings, one on each side of the basin, closed by soap dishes to access the crystal top for cleaning purposes or changing arrangement. The washbasin is mounted on a chrome finish brass stand provided with a convenient front towel rail.

Wait till you see the algae starts growing… well, still a very nice idea…

Extract from Italbrass

LG Chocolate Black Label II

September 25, 2006


LG Chocolate II, the successor to the Chocolate KG800 which has an innovative touch-sensitive navigation keypad, which is inactive when the phone is closed and locked, but glows vibrantly red when you slide the screen up. On sale in Korea, it is loaded with all features necessary for today’s GSM cellphone – built-in camera with flash, Real MP3 player, 512 MB of built-in memory, special music access keys, equilizer, QVGA LCD screen, multitasking capabilities and other.

But that’s not important, the functions just don’t impress me. The most important thing for 16.5mm LG Chocolate II slider- it has to look better then it’s predecessor.

Extract from CNET and LG