Switzerland’s luxury brand, Ventura, manufacturer for the world’s first automatic digital watch, has announced plans for their second generation – The V-Tech Sigma ∑ MGS which will generate its own independent, constantly renewable power-source. It uses a micro-generator powered by the movements of the user’s wrist. The case uses a hardened material called Titanox. The generator is located on the top of the case and will be visible through a sapphire crystal glass for posterity purposes.

And I did not even know there was an automatic digital watch in the first place… Below are the first generations by Ventura, The SPARC px/fx series

Extract from Ventura

USB Battery

September 23, 2006

Theres all kinds of USB products in the market, some useful eg. printers, webcams, scanners, some entertaining eg. toy fish tanks, lava lamps, some strange eg. vibrators… now you will need something USB that powers your wireless or none USB devices…. USBCELL…

Charge anywhere from any accessible powered USB. Never run out of power during a game. Just swap over with USBCELLs charged in your games console. There’s always a free charger in the living room if you have am XBOX, Playstation or Nintendo. Save money and the environment. No need for chargers, adaptors or cables when at home or travelling, even for shavers and toothbrushes.

So what’s the catch? The hassle of charging of course…

Extract from USBCELL

Rega P3 Turntable

September 23, 2006

I didn’t know the turntable can be so simple? Mine looked like a monster compared to this. Nice… Features include the RB300 tonearm, a higher quality synchronous motor, a floated plateglass platter and a range of lovely colors.

Extracted from Rega


September 23, 2006


Brainwash your child’s mind while washing his hands.

SquidSoap is a fun soap dispenser designed for teaching children healthy hand washing habits. It works by applying a small ink mark on a person’s hand when they press the pump to dispense the soap. The ink is designed to wash off after the hands are washed for about15-20 seconds, which is the time recommended by most doctors.

Maybe it will take even longer to wash their hands… what if the kid start printing the ink all over his body… “look mum, i am pokie dot man!”

Extracted from SquidSoap