September 16, 2006


Segway is the best people mover I have seen and believe since the bicycle and the car. Over the years, it has developed this simple 2 wheeler sleeker and more robust, with many versions of it to cater to different needs.. from commuting, to police, to commercial, to golf, to government and recreational. And recently, it developed and did a willy with the concept 4 wheeler, the Centaur

as well as a 2 wheeler without the handles.


Segway really an amazing innovation… now if only it can mass market it… I will definitely get one for myself…

Extract from Segway


2 Responses to “Segway”

  1. sunboar Says:

    I like the Segway too. Too bad they’ve had to recall every Segway due to software glitch though.

  2. danieltoh Says:

    well yes, I did remember seeing a pic of george B. falling off his personal one…. thought it was a joke…

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