So cool… Atari Joystick turn Plug and Play turn keychains… with games! Remind me of Nintendo’s keychain gameboys with Game and watch series games.


These Atari keychains work the same way as the original versions, just plug into your TV and play…

Well its a novelty… play it once or twice and you will be bored already… unless you are kidnapped and stuck in the cellar for eight years… but still, its fun for a few minutes…

Extract from ThinkGeek

Ergodex DX1 Input System

September 16, 2006

The Qwerty was created for the typewriter to prevent locking of keys when the typist became efficient. The new computer users believe that the keyboard should go back to the ABC format. Then came the gamers who said that they only use certain keys intensively. Then there are people like me who think the keyboard is expired… ancient! 

So what does the innovator do to cater to all issues? DIY of course. The DX1 Input System let the user customise the placement of all keys, or rather only the keys he needs to get work done. It allows user to slip in a placement print out or a nice bikini picture under the clear panel. It also come with a software to configure the keys placement, which could get a little technical… so much work for efficiency.

Extract from Ergodex


September 16, 2006


Segway is the best people mover I have seen and believe since the bicycle and the car. Over the years, it has developed this simple 2 wheeler sleeker and more robust, with many versions of it to cater to different needs.. from commuting, to police, to commercial, to golf, to government and recreational. And recently, it developed and did a willy with the concept 4 wheeler, the Centaur

as well as a 2 wheeler without the handles.


Segway really an amazing innovation… now if only it can mass market it… I will definitely get one for myself…

Extract from Segway

Motorola KRZR

September 16, 2006


In the market today at SGD688, the Motorola KRZR (pronounced crazier) is the new cousin of still hot selling RAZR family. MOTOKRZR exudes pure luxury with clean lines, precision detailing and premium materials shrouded within a distinctive metallic gloss front finish.  The MOTOKRZR builds upon one of the most celebrated designs of the past decade by blending slender form with razor-thin design principles in a sleek clamshell form.  Measuring a mere 16mm thin X 42mm wide X 103mm long and weighing only 3.6 ounces, the MOTOKRZR slips easily into a pocket or purse.

2MP camera with 8x zoom, integrated MP3 player, airplane mode, Stereo Bluetooth® headset support, removable MicroSD card slot. Worthy cousin of MOTORAZR… but still not 3G -_-.

Extract from Motorola Worldwide