September 13, 2006

Wow… these guys from Splashpower are going to be rich… With the Splashpad, they are going to make millions of electronic gadgets users’ life so much easier and cluster free. It can even make future mobile phones, MP3 players, cameras etc a lot smaller…

You can power up any Splashpower-enabled device (e.g. phone, PDA, MP3 player, camera etc), simply by dropping it on a mouse-mat-sized pad, called a SplashPad™.

No physical connection is required between the SplashPad and the device – power is transferred wirelessly between the pad and the receiver module in the device.  And different devices can be charged on a single SplashPad at the same time. Oh, life will be good… Add to this the kind of styling which would complement even the most sophisticated of home or office interiors, and you’ll never want to use tangled traditional chargers again. I’m going to order mine first.
Extract from Splashpower

iPod shuffle Packaging

September 13, 2006

Niceeee…. for a while…

Apple Showtime

September 13, 2006


Apple made four releases and one announcement in San Francisco today. First up is the updated iPod. The Apple iPod 5.1G has a screen that’s 60% brighter than the 5G, and is available in two models, a 30GB and an 80GB. The iPod 5.1G and the older 5G can both play the new iPod Games, which are “Bejeweled”, “Cubis 2”, “Mahjong”, “Mini Golf”, “Pac-Man”, “Tetris”, “Texas Hold’em”, “Vortex”, and “Zuma”. You can buy these from the iTunes store.

Next is the second generation iPod Nano, which got a redesign and looks quite like the discontinued iPod Mini. The iPod Nano 2G has an aluminum body, 24 hours of battery life and is available in three sizes. The 2GB iPod Nano is silver, the 4GB versions are silver, pink, green and blue, and the 8GB is only in black.

The last iPod is the iPod Shuffle 2G, which has 1GB of storage, costs $79 and has a built-in clip on the back. It weighs half an ounce, measures only a half cubic inch in volume, and is still screen-less like the old iPod Shuffle. Its battery life is 12 hours, and includes a dock to connect to your PC (no longer has a USB-connector like the iPod Shuffle 1G). This is only available in the one color, grey.

The iTunes software has also been updated to version 7 and the last item is the iTV, a set-top-box-like device that can connect to your home network through 802.11 wireless or ethernet, and streams your iTunes movies to your TV. It’s wider, but flatter than a Mac Mini, and has a UI similar to Front Row. 

oh…. and steve jobs wears a shirt….

what did you say? no widescreen iPod?…

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Logitech’s HARMONY 1000

September 13, 2006

No, its not an MP3 player, no, its not an MP4 player too… its a remote controller, a univesal one.

The Harmony 1000 remote’s touch-sensitive screen controls any device with an infrared receiver including VCRs, digital video recorders, high-definition televisions, and many household appliances.

Wow, it looks so wonderful that if one day I were to lose this remote, I will forget how to control my life…

Extract from Logitech

A new device to help patients make sure they’re on track for taking medication. ‘The Helping Hand’ is an innovative electronic tablet dispenser device that helps patients remember to take and track their prescribed medication. The aptly named “Helping Hand,” which looks like a slightly curved handset, stores a blister pack of medication and then will send a signal to a computer or cell phone (via Bluetooth or USB) to remind you to take your meds. The Helping Hand’s red, yellow or green lights will go off to give a visual cues as to how many instances have been missed, and can upload that info to your doctor.

Now, what if my pills don’t come in a blister pack?

Extract from Luxurylaunches.com