Random Pic of the week

September 12, 2006

lobster arcade in Japan… now thats fresh!

Icon Watch

September 12, 2006


The Icon watch is one of the collection of products from & Design, creating products that looks like it comes out from the computer screen. Others are products like a Trash-box that looks like it popped out of the Mac OS, a Dry-cell Light that looks like an over-sized battery, and even the Nekko vase, giving a graphic presence to a flower’s roots. Unfortunately, none of their designs have yet been produced for retail. hmmm…. maybe I’ll make one myself then.

Extract from & design

WoW Screenfridges

September 12, 2006

Yes, there are fridges with prints already, yes there are fridges with internet already, no, there are no fridge panels that suits your character yet.

Electrolux’s “War on White” (WoW), are simply fridges with decorative designs on the outside. In fact, a whole series of Electrolux appliances are getting the WoW treatment. It’s all inspired by different design disciplines outside of the appliance industry, such as fashion, interior design and architecture. WoW’s goal? Says Henrik Otto, Senior Vice President Global Design at Electrolux; “it has become clear that now more than ever, people want unique products that allow them to express their individuality through their choices”.

 Extract from Moco Loco

The Bank of Life

September 12, 2006

This is a story of how a Tamagotchi like game can be put to good use. Do you find it difficult to save? Do you find it thrilling to feed your electronic pet until you forgot to feed yourself?

This is a 23×48-pixel programmable LCD piggy bank called “The Bank of Life.” It holds up to 100,000 yen in 500 yen coins. Input your target amount and deadline, and this mini-cube will constantly remind you how many days you have left til you reach your goal.

To make it fund to save :P, there’s a little Japanese man living in your screen. He starts off in a tiny shoebox home, but gradually upgrades to a luxury apartment as you add money to the bank.

Extract from Toys R Us JP