Sony NW-S205

September 11, 2006

The MP3 player is another product that has always been copying how other music players looked like in the past (most probably also due to component and cost constraints). Sony has finally break the conventional and built what it has envisioned a MP3 player should or can be in form and usage.

Sony’s, the Japanese consumer electronics giant fessed up to having a unique, fitness-friendly MP3 player in the works, the NW-S200 series. The cigar-shaped player, which measures 96.52 x 15.24 x 15.24mm and weighs 25.51g, has a couple of unique features–both dependent on the G-Sensor.

The first is a function that switches the player between standard and shuffle playback modes if you shake it three times with the LCD facing up. The second are the onboard “running” and “walking” playlists that you designate based on the playlists you have already created. If you’re strolling along with your player, the “walking” playlist comes on, and when you speed up, the “running” one starts.

Extract from CNET Asia

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