PIX Sports

September 10, 2006

Pix Sports is a clock, a stopwatch, a pedometer, a signal, a motion responsive display, scrolling message display, geek indicator, communicator for the couple who just quarreled (maybe)…. and its portable.

I can find a lot of uses for it. And its not bad looking.

Extract from ThinkGeek

Verball Internet Phone

September 10, 2006

Why must an internet phone look like a phone? Good thing that there go people around that can think out of the box… and reinterprete what a product should or can look like.

Verballs make most communication devices look about as exciting as rectangles with numbers on ’em. Each cartoon-esque critter waves its oversized hands, gospel-styley, and flashes its horns when a call comes in. So unless you walk around the house/office with a sack over your head, you’ll never miss another Skype call! The best part that i like, each Verball moves its mouth every time your caller speaks!!!

You can also use these soon-to-be cult creatures to listen to MP3s (via the built-in speaker), download ringtones, use text-to-speech software and much more. All this and free calls too, because we’re even chucking in 30 free Skype minutes. 

Extract from Firebox

Spa Lights

September 10, 2006

My first impression of this was that it looks scary, of blobs of lights floating in the tub, I don’t feel like taking a bath in it… my second impression was of festivals where people places paper boats with candles or lotus candles in the sea for wishes…

There are countless ways to give your bathroom that sophisticated Asian spa vibe. Candles are a good idea in theory but one stray splash spells soggy wicks all round and it could be glaring to the eyes. These battery-operated waterproof lights have rubber suckers underneath, enabling you to stick them to any smooth bathroom surface or remove it and let it float on the water. Convenient and does the work.

Extract from Firebox

Beetle Remote Controller

September 10, 2006

The thin line between design semantics and literal interpretation. I was there… and I even questioned, “when does the industrial designer loses his integrity as a professional” or was i losing the point. 2 years later, when i looked at this beetle on the internet, I thought, “well, its not that bad actually, and its meant for kids anyway, they will like it, won’t they?” Its quite nicely done… and its sold worldwide. And i actually cramped 36 buttons on 80mmx80mm circle…

Pic from Hanspree