Sennheiser goes mainstream

September 8, 2006

the side of Sennheiser that i have never seen before… i have always associate it with big headphones… or am i just a mountain tortoise?

Sennheiser has launched three new portable headphone product lines for Street, Sport and Style. Featuring 14 exciting new products that stand out with their superb sound, contemporary design and innovative fitting systems (or so it claims).

extract from Sennheiser

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This design concept by Jess Griffin and Jim Termeer is a cutting board with an embedded scale in a circular area on its right half, telling you the exact weight of those ingredients you’re about to place into your recipe or on your plate. The 10″x15″ cutting board is designed to use electronic ink to display weight, with embedded sensor grids underneath the surface to determine the downward force of objects placed on it.

extract from Gifintermeer

windup robot pencil sharpener

September 8, 2006

Just in time for back-to-school, here’s a windup robot pencil sharpener where the simple action of sharpening your pencil revs up the little guy, inspiring him to take a quick walk around the desk before that cranky schoolmarm beatch catches you. Hopefully it’s not too noisy; you might just get away with this for a while. Available in a variety of designs, it’s $6.50

extract from Hawkin’s Bazaar

why i post this? because its nice? beautiful? hot? yes… well all concept cars are nice.

On display at this year’s International Motor Show in Paris will be the Citroën C-Métisse, an over-the-top concept car, and it’s also a diesel/electric hybrid. Of course there is no word on bringing the C-Métisse into production… no concept car even do that… its has to cut lots of corners and hand made parts before it can do that.

extract from treehugger

why did’t i think of that…. the ancient message board’s first revolution (i assume evolution will mean from the chip board to the fridge) via the Philips In Touch Message Board Concept. it makes life real convenient. i think its a great invention to kill an excuse like how the mobile phone prevents you from being uncontactable from your boss…

Each family member is represented on this huge LCD/mirror by a thumbnail. When you need to leave a message to your a family member just touch his or her face and record a message. You can also use the stylus to write your message as well.

The In Touch will send your message to his or her cellphone via SMS or MMS

extract from Oh Gizmo